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Small and Medium Enterprises



PNP Manager advises and assists SME in their development, either through the development of managerial potential or through the implementation of a suitable business approach covering the positioning of the service offer.


Our strengths:


  • A consultancy approach oriented toward action and tangible results
  • Relevant experience in diverse business sectors: engineering sciences, healthcare, etc.


Your company is going through a period of rapid growth, the team is expanding and the question of implementing a middle-management structure is raised.


Our expertise:


  • Identifying the new skills essential to future success
  • Optimising organisational resources




You are planning your entry into new markets and/or preparing to commercialise new products. This will imply changes to your strategy. The modification of your strategy will have an impact on your organisation that must be anticipated.


Our expertise:


  • Identifying and developing the business skills which will contribute to success with your target groups
  • Supporting you in establishing sales teams and coaching of salespeople in the field
  • Specific “complex sales” training programs, adapted for your specialisation


Your company wishes to analyse opportunities, diversify its market approach, implement a suitable commercial structure or build up an export markets network.


Our expertise:


  • – Organisation of Sales & Marketing mentorships to ensure commercial success through the development of a distribution, dealership or subsidiary network.
  • – Short or long-term missions implementing sales strategies and identifying appropriate international trade channels.


The support from PNP Manager will allow you to identify your position on the market and use proven methods to formulate a coherent and integrated strategy.


You will clearly define the efforts required for the success of your new strategic choices. And at the same time you will ensure your strategy’s effective communication and optimal implementation. In other words, we will guide you towards your future success.


Our expertise:


  • Organisation of strategic seminars: Strategic Directions
  • Sales and marketing strategies mentorships


Directors of an SME concentrate on management efficiency and where it can be improved because they are aware of the essential role their leaders play in their success. Consequently, a number of fundamental questions are raised:


  • Which leadership skills will genuinely contribute my company’s success?
  • Which new leadership skills will I need in the future?
  • Have I implemented an effective middle-management structure?


Our expertise:


  • Identifying the specific strategic skills that companies need
  • Leadership skills diagnosis
  • Benchmarking companies in terms of competitors
  • Evaluating how your middle-management’s leadership skills relate to your strategic vision.




Effective leaders have the ability to transform visions into the achievement of ambitious objectives. They unite their staff and channel their energies and efforts towards a common objective. However, if the reality does not correspond with this image, certain questions may be raised:


  • How and why are staff-members unable to commit fully to the achievement of objectives?
  • Does front-line management understand your vision and do they pass it on effectively to their staff?
  • Does the board of directors communicate its vision in a way that is appropriate for the organisation as a whole?


Our expertise:


  • Use of global management diagnostic tools, including the 360° method.
  • Evaluating existing skills in terms of managerial expectations
  • Implementing global solutions in the form of conferences, workshops or training programs alongside individual solutions in the form of coaching or support programs
  • “Executive Coaching” programs for managers


Identify and develop leaders


Necessary leadership skills include: the ability to build up a solid team, make the right decisions and communicate effectively and appropriately.


Leadership skills may not necessarily be readily apparent in a staff-member’s current function or working environment. Company directors must therefore ask themselves some very precise questions:

  • What management or leadership potential do certain staff members have?
  • How can a front-line manager be developed towards an “executive” role?
  • What measures must be taken to encourage the rapid progress of a currently active manager?


Our expertise:


  • PNP Manager organises development centres using tools that are specifically designed for each position and each company.
  • Development centres’ results provide the opportunity to identify potential leaders’ strengths and any areas that require improvement. This will help them to become aware of the gap which needs to be bridged and to agree on a personalised action plan with their board of directors. A coach may also accompany this action plan.

A management team is defined by its members’ strong personalities. They might have varied and complementary experiences but their individual objectives may differ.


The management team members may not necessarily have chosen to work together.


Are the right conditions for effective collaboration present?


The team’s performance is more than just a sum of individual contributions.


Raising awareness of its purpose, potentials and shared objectives will strengthen team cohesion.


We ensure that the necessary conditions for effective collaboration are present. The management team will develop its collaborative skills, sharing the common values that will most influence the company’s culture and performance.


Our expertise:


  • Management team development
  • Strategic personal skill development
  • Executive Coaching




What could be more motivating for staff than to see one of their own promoted to a managerial position?

The management must consider some crucial questions before making such a decision: who would be the most suitable internal candidate, what internal recruitment method should be used and how can they be sure that the selected candidate will measure up to the new challenge?


Our expertise:


  • Identification of necessary skills
  • Selection and evaluation of internal candidates
  • Individual development programs
  • Integration programs to assist staff-members entering management teams: internal on-boarding

If you are planning to use a specialised recruitment agency to employ new members of staff, PNP Manager proposes bespoke recruitment solutions designed to meet your needs: allowing for your business sector, company development phase and your specific requirements.


We feel that the recruitment of a new staff member should provide a solution to a clearly defined issue, which will have been thoroughly analysed by the company in advance. It is therefore part of a change process and should be dealt with as such:


An analysis phase during which your company’s specific aspects are identified and the role/profile of the ideal candidate is defined.


A recruitment method adapted to suit the desired profiles degree of complexity and the necessary confidentiality level: direct approach, approach via databases or socio-professional networks, the activation of “alumni”-type networks, or advertisement.

A rigorous selection procedure (including the assessment of selected candidates and consultation of references), which will result in a clear recommendation guaranteeing the selected candidate’s successful integration.


Personalised follow-up of the selected candidate.


Our expertise:


  • A transparent procedure, information accessible to the client at all times
  • Reliable experience in the search of technical and/or business profiles
  • International research scope thanks to PNP Manager’s multi-lingual team

Executive Search

Sometimes strengthening the management team requires new expertise drawn from outside the company. The necessary skills are often rare and the selection of candidates must be kept thoroughly confidential.
We guarantee the discreet and professional approach of our multi-lingual team, which has significant experience with different cultures.


Our expertise:


  • Executive Search
  • An integration program to assist new top managers entering management teams: external on-boarding


When developing and restructuring human resource tools the company management will find itself considering these questions:


  • What key skills will all of my staff require to apply company values and ensure success?
  • How can I assess staff performance?
  • How can I set up a stable methodology, which will also be integrated into the skill management system?


Our expertise:


  • Identifying the transversal skills that your company needs
  • Skill management training programs
  • Assessment centres for companies
  • Skill management tools for companies
  • Overall skill management systems




Skill development will contribute to the staff-member’s professional growth and provide a continuous response to the company’s current and future needs.


This raises a number of specific questions:


  • What criteria should be used to identify future talent?
  • How can these talents be identified and incorporated into the organisation?
  • How can I evaluate and fill the gap between the staff-member’s required skills and those they already possess?
  • How can I accelerate my staff-members’ learning curves?


Our expertise:


  • Organisation of Development Centres
  • Individual coaching
  • Support from specialised sales and marketing experts




The company’s dynamic may require the strengthening of certain key skills, such as specific technical knowledge or new leadership skills.


Before starting a recruitment procedure, human resource management questions need to be raised:


  • What will be the new position’s role, how will it develop in terms of my company’s dynamic and organisation?
  • Can I identify any potential candidates already present within my organisation?
  • How do I identify competent and motivated candidates?
  • How can I validate my selection, how can I confirm my final choice?


Attracting talents is not to be taken lightly. PNP Manager has substantial expertise in the various key stages of recruitment and selection processes.


  • Analysis of recruitment needs reflecting your company’s specific development context
  • In-depth analysis of the positions to be filled
  • Implementation of a recruitment strategy
  • Candidate identification, selection, evaluation, reference-checking and recommendation
  • Follow-up to ensure the new recruits’ successful integration