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Investors / Business Angels / Venture Capitalists / Investment funds

Investors / Business Angels / Venture Capitalists / Investment funds


PNP Manager provides investors with entrepreneurial potential evaluation tools and other specific services to help them strengthen their staff at the right time.


Moreover, through placing an emphasis on organisational analyses PNP Manager contributes to controlling the risk of losing talent during merger or acquisition processes.


Our strengths:


  • More than 10 years of investment consulting experience.
  • Bespoke services for innovative business sectors: Health sector (medical systems, in-vitro diagnosis, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, engineering sciences).
  • Recruitment and selection of profiles that will complement the entrepreneur’s own profile and meet the expectations of investors and the Board of Directors.
  • An organisational approach which provides the means to identify essential individual contributors and retain them during a merger and selection process.

Founders of a start-up must be daring, persistent and creative and have initiative; but they may not automatically have the necessary skills to run the company effectively.


Being an entrepreneur involves the need to mobilise numerous, often transversal and flexible, skills. In addition to this, the knowledge, orientation and capacities required of a company owner will depend on the project’s life cycle.


Our expertise:


PNP Manager has worked with company creation specialists to elaborate an entrepreneurial skills framework. It enlightens investors (as well as entrepreneurs themselves) on the areas where development should be envisaged as their project progresses.


Since 2003, PNP Manager has worked with its public and private partners to complete hundreds of analyses and evaluations of future entrepreneurs; the number continues to grow as investors’ interest in this type of service increases.


Our services are aimed at private investors, Business Angels, Venture Capitalists, public investors and “small business incubators”. Our analysis is one of the criteria that will allow investors to form a strong opinion of the pertinence of investing in any particular project.


The results of our analyses:


  • Shed light on the personal training needs of the entrepreneur and the complementarities necessary within their staff.
  • Suggest key skill development opportunities depending on the company’s stage of evolution.
  • Provide practical advice and recommendations either for investors or the Board of Directors.

For a project’s success, it may prove essential to seek outside expertise to strengthen the founding team. However this must involve finding a candidate that fulfils the investors’ expectations and is able to work effectively alongside the founder or with the founding team.


Our expertise:


  • Our methods guarantee a discreet and professional recruitment approach by a multi-lingual team with significant experience with different cultures.
  • To recruit the most suitable profiles for the health (pharmaceutical, CRO, IVD, medical devices, biotechnology) and engineering sciences sectors, we use specific approaches for those sectors, which can involve either direct contact methods or a company specific recruitment campaign.
  • We also evaluate the candidates’ suitability in terms of the skills required by the investors and the Board of Directors. We assess their potential complementarity with the company’s active founders.

“Due Diligence” is a common audit procedure before any acquisition or merger operation. It aims to evaluate a company’s current accounting, strategic, economic, legal and financial aspects. However there may be cultural differences between the companies; the meeting of two corporate cultures may be complicated and it will be important to keep talent on-board once the agreement between the companies has been announced.


Our expertise:


  • Organisational values auditing.
  • “Human Due Diligence before acquisition” procedures.
  • Action plans to identify and retain particularly important elements over the long term.