PNP Manager - Management consulting
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Smart Processes Need Smart People

PNP Manager: smart Processes Need smart People

PNP Manager is a management consulting company based in the Walloon Region of Belgium. We are specialised in developing the performances of small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) and start-ups.


Our priority is to assist companies in achieving their ambitious objectives and improving their performances. Our efforts are oriented towards assisting companies in acquiring new organisational or individual reflexes.


Our strengths:

  • We have been working with start-ups, spin-offs and SME since 2003
  • Talent management services for our clients
  • Management and business development consulting
Smart Processes Need Smart People



Individual performances of the company’s employees will contribute significantly to success and the achievement of objectives. This is why PNP Management is so committed to evaluating and developing the skills of each individual. Our analysis also integrates the company’s employees’ levels of commitment, motivation and implication.



A company’s overall performance is not just the result of the sum of its employees’ individual performances. It also depends on the correct implementation and use of clear and well-communicated processes, which must be accepted by all of the involved parties. Processes are important factors for all types of organisations. PNP Manager’s analysis covers all existing processes, identifies areas that require improvement and proposes new processes likely to contribute to the improvement of overall performance.



To operate effectively we systematically analyse the nature of your qualitative and quantitative objectives as well as any opportunities and obstacles that may be present in your business sector and/or inside your organisation.



Our management, marketing and sales management expertise allows us to rapidly identify your needs. A rapid comprehension of your situation will allow us to get down to the essentials and save you time.



Our methods can be adapted to suit your needs. We implement them effectively and with a complete respect for every member of the company or institution. Our methodology’s specificity is based on defining and elaborating a concrete action plan that covers the particularities of your business environment and your organisation’s potential.



Our conclusions and recommendations are reliable and pragmatic; such that they may be implemented easily and rapidly by start-ups and SME.



We are not experts in every domain and, of course, we know our own limits. In this case we will not hesitate to call upon an ad hoc expertise network and maintain total transparency with you during the process.


    1. We immerse ourselves


    2. We analyse


    3. We communicate our conclusions


    4. We provide support where necessary

1. We immerse ourselves

During this discovery phase we quickly and precisely assess your company’s management. The technique used encourages reflection. Our clients not only appreciate our methods but also our capacity to situate the responses within a larger, more global perspective.


Our approach takes into account the dynamic elements that influence your business, because today’s factors for success will not be the same as tomorrow’s. This way, we appreciate issues as a whole. We immerse ourselves in order to gain understanding of your processes and value chains and assess your skills and resources.


2. We analyse

This phase is internal to PNP Manager; it allows us to compare our observations, opinions and ideas. We take the time to consider and integrate the information gathered and thus find pathways towards innovative and practical solutions. Depending on your company’s specific needs the collected data for each sector is integrated either broadly or specifically. The analysis phase allows us to structure our recommendations and refine our conclusions.


3. We communicate our conclusions

We present the information in a clear and transparent way. To ensure effectiveness, we prioritise direct exchange and communication. Our conclusions are translated into an action plan, which is structured around your company’s priorities. The definition, explanation and elaboration (implementation )of the action plan will be absolutely essential.


4. We provide support where necessary

Support is optional and always provided in direct relation to the company’s needs. It can take a number of forms: support for the Board of Directors or Executive Committee over a fixed period of time, direct participation in the actual application of the proposed measures and action plan, bespoke training, recruitment or coaching programs.

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Smart Processes Need Smart People