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You intend to set up a start-up, spin-off or spin-out, or have just set one up. Your project requires all of your energies: you feel that your business plan has been well thought out; you have developed or just finished developing an innovative product or original service offer.


But implementing your strategy may turn out to be more complicated than you thought: transforming a business plan into an action plan can be a real challenge. PNP Manager can provide advice to help you; what’s more, PNP Manager is committed to supporting you:

Our strengths:


  • More than ten years of experience in the evaluation and monitoring of new start-ups and spin-offs
  • Constantly evolving methods which will respond to your priorities as an entrepreneur
  • Relevant specifically targeted exchange, methods and advice adapted to your business sector
  • “Business Development” orientation with a strong operational and practical dimension
  • International experience and a multi-lingual team


To successfully manage your project you may have opted for a Lean Start-up, Business Canvas or Effectuation type methodology. These methodologies imply a significant degree of relational expertise, communication reflexes and, above all, the use of effective self-assessment techniques.


Our expertise:


  • Capacity to develop the specific skills which will allow you to progress effectively during the Lean Start-up, Business Canvas or Effectuation Principal process.
  • Organisation of training programs and role-playing workshops.




We help start-ups and spin-offs to find sustainable responses to the essential questions raised when creating a company:


  • How can I translate a business plan into an action plan?
  • What (current and future) skills are necessary for my project’s success?
  • What commercial strategy should I apply to achieve rapid results?


Our expertise:


  • Elaboration and implementation of operational action plans
  • Evaluation of the correspondence between currently available skills and those necessary for achieving your business plan
  • Assembly of winning teams
  • Identification of performance indicators which contribute to results
  • Sales & Marketing mentorships to ensure commercial success

New requirements will emerge as a start-up enters its growth phase:


  • Should a middle-management structure be implemented?
  • What responsibilities should be delegated?
  • How should I structure my organisation?


These questions may appear simple. But the responses will generally imply a reorientation of outlay and organisational restructuring.


Our expertise:


  • Identifying the new skills essential to future success
  • Implementing suitable commercial structures
  • Optimising internal organisational resources




The company’s dynamic may require the strengthening of certain key skills, such as specific technical knowledge or new leadership, project management or business development skills.


Before starting a recruitment procedure, the director of a start-up will have to raise many human resource management questions:


  • What will be the new position’s role, how will it develop in terms of my company dynamic and organisation?
  • Can I identify any potential candidates already present within my organisation or network?
  • How do I identify competent and motivated candidates?
  • How can I validate my selection, how can I confirm my final choice?


Our expertise:


PNP Manager has substantial expertise in the various key stages of a recruitment and selection process which covers the specific issues faced by start-ups:


  • Analysis of recruitment needs in terms of your company’s specific development context
  • In-depth analysis of the positions to be filled
  • Implementation of a recruitment strategy
  • Candidate identification, selection, evaluation, reference-checking and recommendations
  • Follow-up, to ensure the new recruits’ successful integration




The management team will include strong personalities with diverse and complementary experience. Over time and as problems arise; differences in viewpoints will become increasingly evident… This is not the end of the world:


The team’s performance is more than just a sum of individual contributions. Raising awareness of its purpose, potentials and shared objectives will strengthen team cohesion.


Our expertise:


  • Implementation of the necessary conditions for effective collaboration.
  • Management team development
  • Strategic personal skill development
  • Executive Coaching

PNP Manager provides business development support missions for start-ups and SME in the Health, Biotechnology, Medical Systems and In-Vitro Diagnostic sectors.


  • Market studies
  • Business development
  • Contacts with “opinion leaders”
  • International distribution network development
  • Sales team coaching and follow-up
  • CRM Implementation


Our expertise:


  • International multi-sector experience with start-ups
  • A specific prospective approach to your market and service offer
  • Effective negotiation techniques
Smart Processes Need Smart People