Recruitment: Head of Sales in the timber industry based in UK

25 Jun Recruitment: Head of Sales in the timber industry based in UK

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Our client is one of the largest timber processing companies and one of the largest sawn softwood products supplier with a high commitment to providing quality products, service excellence to their clients and to develop and use the raw as a valuable renewable resource. As part of their ongoing expansion our client is looking for an experienced Head of Sales to join the team.

Purpose and responsibilities:

  1. Strategic role

– Proposes different scenarios of sales development strategies in UK, Ireland and also in other countries.

– The Head of Sales has an active role in the management team; he will act as sparring partner for the CEO.

– Keeps abreast of market developments and instigate new product lines.

– Actively participates with the other senior staff in determining and achieving the company’s operational strategies.

  1. People Manager

– Manage the activities of the external sales force setting targets and work schedules and putting in place monitoring programmes.

– Might build-up dedicated new sales team if necessary

– Manage the activities of the office sales and administration staff setting targets and work schedules and putting in place monitoring programmes.

– Takes responsibility for the health, safety, training and welfare of all members of staff under the control of the Head of Sales

  1. Operational

– Sets the performance budget for the department detailing volumes and prices of sawn timber to be achieved.

– Directly control and administer sales of all sawmill co-products with the exception of the residues.

– Manage the activities UK selling agents for sawn timber, including negotiating the terms and conditions under which they operate.

– Might negotiate himself volumes and prices with agents and distribution channels partners

  1. Internal Coordination

-takes responsibility through the appropriate managers for the efficient operation of transport of all goods out to ensure customer satisfaction at the most economic rate.

-takes responsibility through the appropriate manager for production planning from forecasting log length and volume requirements to the production of cutting patterns and finishing operation loading


Job requirements:

–        Previous experience in B2B Sales, Business Development and Negotiating in the timber business

–        Proven track record of generating new sales opportunities

–        Target driven and strategic attitude with a proactive and dynamic personality

–        Able to work on own initiative as part of a team, strategic thinking

–        Flexible as traveling will be required

To take advantage of this challenging opportunity, please send your CV and cover letter to the following address, with the reference # 571: myapplication@pnpmanager.com

PNP Manager, Avenue Albert Mahiels, 2, 4020 Liege, Belgium.

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